Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What inspires me….



Inspirations come in many shapes and forms. What inspires me might not inspire you. So, for now these are the things that move my heart and soul. Things that amaze me, things that touch me inside, and things that inspire me to be all that I can be.

God inspires me daily with his unlimited grace for me. Just when I feel like giving up on life and the world…he gives me a little bit more of his love. Guiding me on my way and giving me hope to climb that mountain once again. He also inspires me because he forgives my sins no matter how great or small.

My Mother and Father inspire me to be all that I can be. To never give up and to always think twice before I make a decision. My Father inspires me because despite any situation, he somehow always finds a resolution to the problem.. My Mother inspires me because she is a strong women and has overcome many things in her life. Together, they inspire me to be strong, smart, and loving to all those I meet.

Endless love inspires me. Having a wonderful husband that stands by me through thick and thin. Knowing that at the end of the day…his love for me is enough. He inspires me because he loves me for whom I am. His gentleness inspires me because he loves me from his heart.

Sweetness inspires me. Sweetness from a sisters love. My sister, Cindy, inspires me because she gives so much of herself and never ask anything in return. She inspires me because our love for one another is unconditional. A bond that will never be broken no matter what life throws our way.

Families inspire me. Families they are focused on the good for one another. Never leaving anyone out and always finding a way to help each other out. Sticking together, spending time together, and making memories for a lifetime.

Friendship inspires me. Knowing that I have so many people that love me for whom I am. Friends inspire me to be all that I can be. They see my faults and never judge me. There love is like none other.

Compassion inspires me. People who give of themselves daily. Always there to help out when they are called. These people come to our rescue in our times of need. Doctors, nurses, firefighter, policemen, and anyone who takes up the call to help those in need.
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Teachers inspires me. To teach is to touch a heart forever. A teachers love for their children is like none other. They spend numerous hours guiding our future because they care.
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Survivors inspire me because they have overcome much in their lives. Still standing in the midst of the storm. Still hoping and still searching for answers.
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As you can see so many things inspire me each and everyday in my life. Everyday, I am given a blessing from above. Inspirations are all around me if I will only look at the good and not the bad in life. Focusing on the positive things around me and not the negative. Keeping love, hope, and peace always in my heart.

When you think of what inspires you in life think deeply. I know that once you do, you will be humbled at just how blessed you really are in life. So many times we just don’t appreciate all that has inspired us to be what we are today. Take the time and let these people know how much you care. Leave a heart print for others to see. Because when life is all over it is not what you had in life that is of value…it is who you touched and what you left behind that will inspire the next person to seek a beautiful life full of inspirations.

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