Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stormy Weather
(a fictional story)

WEEK #16 (9-4-11 to 9-10-11): Writer’s Choice: CHILDREN or PARENT
You just never know what kind of family you are going to be born into. For Stormy, it just so happened that her family was all about the weather. The youngest of 8 children, her name had been chosen for her by her mother and father. Who in their right mind would name a child Stormy?

From the time she was little, Stormy was always teased about her name. Her siblings would always say, “ Here comes the storm, or look what the weather brought in today.” It always made her feel like she wasn’t wanted by her family. Determined to change her name when she turned 18 years of age, seemed to far off to reach at the moment. So, Stormy just would have to live with it for now.

Growing up in a big family was not easy. Everyone had their own personalities and habits. As for Stormy, she was the youngest and had a bit of a temper. Her father had inherited the family name Weather. I guess he was from outer space or something because it wasn’t a common name. Her mother was nicknamed Breezy because her first name was really Berezina. So, everyone called her Breezy for short. To top it off they named their children with weather names. What the heck? First in order was her brother Dusty, four sisters…Rainy, Sunny, Cloudy, and Lovely, the twins…Hurricane and Tornado, and last but not least the baby…Stormy.

With all these crazy names in her family, Stormy decided to live up to all the craziness. When she was mad, she created a living environment that was simply out of control. After numerous attempts, her parents decided to take her to see a specialist…a meteorologists. Stormy was at a loss for words. She simply thought that she had been born into the wrong family and more than ever at the wrong time.

So, like a good girl, she went to see the so called specialist to find out why she was such an unhappy child. After a long visit and much debate between her parents and the specialist, it was ruled that Stormy was just trying to live up to what her name really meant. She didn’t know how to just be herself. The specialist told her parents to just give it sometime and soon things would eventually work out in the end.

Months passed and still Stormy didn’t quite feel like herself. She didn’t really understand who she really was. It seemed like she just didn’t have a purpose in her family. Everyone was older than her, she would always be the baby, and she would always be the last to know about everything. Stormy needed to find her purpose in life and she needed to find it quickly.

One day everything changed in an instant. The family was called upon one at a time. Dusty was called to Arizona to blow in a big dust storm. Rainy was needed in Arkansas to help the rice grow. Sunny went to New York to spread a little sunshine over the famous city. Cloudy decided to just float all around the country. The twins, Hurricane and Tornado decided to hit the East Coast and stir up a big mess. As for Stormy, she didn’t know what she was suppose to do.

While everyone was gone all over the country, Stormy just sat by the beach and cried. She still didn’t feel like she belonged anywhere in the world, let alone a part of her own family. Something, just something had to happen to her to change this feeling of sadness.

Noticing that her baby was no where to be found, Breezy went to look for Stormy and found her fast asleep on the beach. Breezy, wrapped her arms around her baby and held her tight. “Why have you been crying?” asked Stormy’s mother. “I don’t know where I belong in this family.” said Stormy. “ You belong right here.” said her mother. “Right where?” asked Stormy. As her mother began to explain the importance of her family, Stormy began to see things more clearly. The family was truly all about the weather that happened throughout the world. Mr. and Mrs. Weather were very important people to the world. Together, the two of them made the weather all around the world. If weather was going to happen, then it happened first with them. The children were all named for specific reasons, each and everyone of them. “Why am I named Stormy?” asked Stormy. “Because you are the last one and hold the key to our family.” said her mother. “What key?” asked Stormy. “ The key to bringing us all home together.” said her mother. “ I don’t have a key.” said Stormy. So, once again her mother explained that because she saved the best for last, that Stormy held the key to end all kinds of weather. All she had to do was clap her hands and all of the weather would come back home and end. Her mother explained that weather has to start somewhere and it always has to end. So, in their family, the weather started with her Mom and Dad and had to end with her because she was the last one. Her mother also explained that she had the biggest job of all…when to put a stop to the weather. “ Wow, I am the most important one in the family.” said Stormy. “Yes, you are the chosen one and my baby.” said her mother. “I guess that makes me really special then doesn’t it?” said Stormy.

After realizing that everyone in her family had their own special place, Stormy finally decided to clap her hands and see what happened. To her amazement, all of her siblings started coming home one by one. Mr. and Mrs. Weather were so glad to have all of their children under one roof again. As for Stormy, it was the first time in her life that she realized just how important each and everyone was in her own family.

~The End~

As a young child, I never really realized just why I was born the baby. It took me many years to realize that everyone has a place in a family. From my parents, to my older siblings…our place in our families means something.

I Am From
© Rose M. de Leon
I am from the love of my family.
I am from my mom, my dad, my grandmother, and my grandfather.

I am from sweet baked cakes, homemade cornbread, and all the smells of the world.
I am from good jobs, great effort, and "GO TO YOUR ROOM." I am from thick and thin, cold and hot.

I am from stories from my neighbors, from my dad and my mom, from my nephew and nieces. Stories to stay strong.

I am from childhood pictures and baby toys. From rattles, pacifiers and bottles. I am from my mother’s stomach where she held me for nine full months.

I am from good and bad. I am from music of ALL kinds. I am from feast such as parties. I am from pinatas, candy and ice cream. I am from all kinds of fun.

I am from "I got your back" and "You're one of a kind." I am from love and harmony and everyone around me.

I am from hard and soft. I am from my father's heart and my mother's love.... I am from, the hands of God.

Source: I Am From, The Hands Of God., Home Poem
Family Friend Poems


  1. This is such a wonderful story and perfectly illustrates how wonderful and special each person is in the family dynamic. I love this!! Brilliant my friend!!


  2. Well thank you Kathy!!! I am so glad you liked it. :)

  3. Seriously, really nice write! Family is everything and it is indeed made up of many different part with different 'jobs'. I love that stormy is the glue, babies are that sometimes.

  4. Great story! Love how they all had different roles to play, just like a real family.

  5. Thank you Awwsumkitteh. I am so glad you liked it. :)

  6. Thank Jo. I had a lot of fun writing this one. I am so glad you liked it. :)

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  9. Thank you Kathy for the sweet award. You are such a great friend. :)

  10. Very nice! I'm the youngest of dad called me "the caboose." :O)

  11. Super story, I love the way you wrote this.

  12. Thanks Word Nerd. My parents always called me "the little one." Caboose sounds so much better. LOL

  13. Thanks Langley. I am so glad you enjoyed this story. :)