Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pligrims going through sorrows' trail



by Dodinsky

"There are moments in our life when we thought we couldn't get over life's misfortunes or tragedies that tested our determination.
And yet here we stand.
Among us now are fellow pilgrims going through sorrows' trail and they must know that it to shall pass.
If you survived it, they can too.
If they see your footprints, it brings them comfort for WE share a common path after all."
Dodinsky (

     Pain, drama, misfortune, name it and most of us in the world have gone through this sorrow trail. As we wake up each day, we are never spared from some kind of hardship in our lives. It is a part of life that everyone goes through. It has no gender, no age limit, and no barriers. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor. It exist in everyones' lives whether for only a moment or an eternity. Sorrow abounds us all sooner or later.

     You don't have to go very far and you will see sorrow on the streets, in the mall, at the grocery store...almost anywhere you go. I have come to believe that everyone endures their own kind of sorrows from time to time in life. What can we do to release ourselves from these problems...from this sorrow in our hearts and lives? Lots of things my friends. We can pray...pray for blessings from God above. Lean on him in our times of need and stand strong. Face the situation head on and never be moved from all that we stand for. Time heals the broken hearted and soon as we all know this moment will pass. We will go on in life. Never forgetting our own personal struggles through lifes most difficult times.

     We might stumble...we might fall...but somehow we always bounce back one way or another. When we finally get back up and fight the good fight...that is when we grow deeper as a human being. We leave footprints in the sand for others to follow.  An impression, that someone has been down this path before and they too have walked this journey. It gives us hope to know that we are not really alone on this trail in our life. The choice is always ours to I stand strong or do I let this sorrow conquer me?

     I have decided in my life...that I am going to stand strong. With my roots deeply planted in the sand...I will not bend. Through daily prayers, a positive attitude, and love from those around me...I will make it through any storm and leave my footprints for others to see. That maybe through my strength and will... others will see that this to shall pass. Giving them hope in life and reminding them always that all of us in life share a common path after all. We are really no from another. We share the same needs and wants in survive and to be happy. Through compassion and understanding, we can help other pilgrims who are going through sorrows' trails.

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