Thursday, July 28, 2011




(A fictional story)

Once upon a time in the land of Conversation, there lived a wizard named Speech. He lived in the woods in a cabin all covered with wooden letters. His main purpose as a wizard was to undo spells cast in a negative way.

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Speech had been born in a time when the people of Conversation were at odds with one another. Everyone was always arguing with one another over petty things. Children screamed and argued with their parents and neighbors fought with their words on the streets. Speech longed for a day when peace could be found throughout the land.

As he grew older, his strength to change things in his land grew as well. People came from all over to have him cast out bad thoughts and undue bad words. He was a very sought after wizard. With remedies which ranged from washing ones mouth out with soap for saying curse words to a good ole spanking on the buttocks for fighting and arguing words. Speech had all kinds of spells and concoctions in his big book.

One day, Speech was asked by King FoulMouth to present a speech at one of his royal parties held in his castle. Speech could not say no. He looked at this as an opportunity to change some negative feelings of those who ruled in other lands. Now, he had to plan just the right words to say.

Speech worked hard for many days on what to say at the King’s party. Finally, he knew he had found just the right words to say to all of the royals. Soon, he would change the fate of all the people throughout the land of Conversation and then some.

The big day finally arrived and Speech was very excited. He had longed for the day when he would finally get to reveal his secret for being so wizardly. Years of watching and listening would finally pay off for him.

As he stood in front of the King’s guest, he couldn’t help but smile. What he was about to say would be the best advice they had ever heard. With a voice so sweet, Speech began to speak the words they all needed to hear. “Words are powerful my friends. They either make us or break us. Choose your words wisely and remember that once you say something, you can never take back your words. All of you go around each day grumbling and mumbling bad things to one another. Never taking into consideration on how the receiver might feel. Look for kindness in every situation. Before you speak, think about the affect that your words will have and speak them carefully. Mothers and Fathers do not spare the rod. Discipline is the heart of a well balanced child. Discipline with love and patience. Understand that your actions will always speak louder than your words. Love one another, be kind to those who hate you, and in the end seek happiness and it will be found.” The royals did not know what to think. Wow, Speeches words were like magic. He told the royals exactly how they really were and they were amazed at all he had said.

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Many months passed and Speech was beginning to see a change in the land of Conversation. Instead of everyone being angry all the time, Speech was hearing positive conversations going on in the homes of all the people. Children were smiling again and playing with their neighbors. Husbands and Wives were no longer fighting with one another and seemed more happier. Things were definitely changing all around him.

When asked how he managed to make such a spell turn good, Speech replied, “Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

~The End~


  1. This was a very cute story!! I loved it!! Words have power--if we choose our words wisely--we do have the power to change the world!

    Cheers! Jenn

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment,Jenn. I agree that we can change the world by what we say and do. :)

  3. Speech is a very wise wizard. I know a few people I'd like for him to visit. :-)

  4. A very wise wizard, indeed! I love what you have done with this topic. What a wonderful and creative idea!

  5. Technically, I beg to differ, but this was a very nice fable.

  6. I think that Speech was wrong about not sparing the rod, but other than that, he spoke very wisely. :O)

  7. Great story. I agree with WordNerd. Rods are for people who don't know how to use their words.


  8. Lovely creative story, very very nice!

  9. You are such a creative and talented writer!! You could truly write and publish children's stories that would be fabulous!! Team up with a talented illustrator and you could do great things!! Absolutely brilliant story!