Thursday, June 30, 2011

What does freedom really mean?
Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed - else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die. ~Dwight D. Eisenhower

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As I sit and ponder this question, many thoughts come to mind. What does freedom really mean? Is it just a feeling or is it something much more?

I was born an American and for that I will always be thankful. No offense if you were born some place else, but I love my country and what it stands for. I am free to be whatever I want to be.

Each night when I lay my head down, I thank the Lord for blessing me with good things. I don’t have to wake to bombs bursting all around me. I don’t have to feel frightened of tanks and guns right outside my door. Our armed service men and women deserve the utmost respect from all of us. They keep us safe while we are sleeping.

Freedom to me is so much more. I never take it for granted. I am free to walk down my street. Free to eat what I want and go wherever I need to go. I don’t have to ask permission or get a special pass to travel around in my country. I am free to speak my mind and work at whatever job I feel like doing. All these choices are mine and I am not made to do anything that I don’t want to. While my government is not without its flaws…I am still free to be me.

All of these things came with a price paid by many who work to protect my country each day. These freedoms did not come easy. They were paid for by human lives that answered the call to protect all of us as Americans.

We should be grateful each and everyday of our lives. We are free to practice whatever religion we want. Never having to hide or be persecuted because of what we believe in. Others around the world are dying because they choose to believe in God. I have never known this world… because I was born in a free country. A country that I will forever love.
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Think about all the little things that you have in your life. Food, something that most take for granted. When you want something to eat…most of us have it in the fridge. Others have to go out and get it from a field or walk along ways to the open markets. A home…while others live in shacks or are homeless…we have some place for the most part to lay our heads each night. Do we really ever stop and think about all of these things? Freedom is so much more than a feeling. It exist because of all of those who answered a higher call and paid a price so that we could live in all this comfort.

While we groan and complain about the simplest of things which I am just as guilty of doing from time to time, we need to look at what we really have. We live in a country that is beautiful. We have the freedom to live how we want and do what we want. As a women…I am not told to be a certain way. I am free to have my own feelings and live life either married or single. There are many places in this world that women do not have any rights and are persecuted just for lifting their eyes etc.
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So, you see my friend…you have so much freedom in your life. Just to simply wake in the morning and be safe is one of the greatest freedoms that we all share in America.

I think it is time to love our country more. Yes, our government is not perfect, but there are a lot of things that could be worse. We need to be proud of our freedom and let others know that we have been blessed to be born free. Whether it is in this country or another…if you have freedom to pick and choose things in your life…then you are truly blessed and free…

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  1. What a great post outlining all the wonderful freedoms we enjoy. Well done!!

  2. Thank you for the nice comment.