Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Combs Family

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Once upon a time in the land of Hairstyles there lived a merry family called The Combs. They loved what they did for a living. Combing the royals hair all day long.

Mr. and Mrs. Combs had a great sense of humor. They loved their daughter Kathy very much. They always took her every where they went. She was a beautiful little comb and all the royals loved her very much.

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Kathy Combs
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Pa Combs

As Kathy grew older the royals requested her skills more and more. She had a way about combing hair that no one else had. Her father said she was gifted and her mother said she got it from her side of the family. As for Kathy, she was just happy to be doing something that she loved.

Time passed and Kathy became the head comber in all the land. She could comb someone’s hair and it would look like silk when she was done. Kings and Queens began to seek her out wanting her to come to their land and be their hair comber. She was offered a palace of her own and lots of royal gifts to leave her family and friends behind.

The offer did sound great, but Kathy was a different breed of comb. She was loyal and faithful to all that she loved. Money did not phase her. She was not motivated by greed and fortune. The decision day finally came and Kathy was ready to give her answer.

All the royals from many lands came to the land of Hairstyles that day. They came in hopes that she would decide to come to their land to live. However, they were all in for a big surprise. As the trumpets sounded all throughout the land, Kathy made her decision. She spoke softly and from her heart. This is what she said, “ Even though the thought of being rich and famous sounds great. I love my life here with my family and I wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world. I am content and happy just the way I am. All of you need to find happiness in your life and be content with what you have.”

Well as you can imagine the Kings and Queens were not too happy with her decision. For as soon as she spoke and gave her decision, all of them got up and left to go back home. I guess if there is a lesson to be learned from Kathy Combs it is that more isn’t always better.

~The End~

What does freedom really mean?
Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed - else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die. ~Dwight D. Eisenhower

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As I sit and ponder this question, many thoughts come to mind. What does freedom really mean? Is it just a feeling or is it something much more?

I was born an American and for that I will always be thankful. No offense if you were born some place else, but I love my country and what it stands for. I am free to be whatever I want to be.

Each night when I lay my head down, I thank the Lord for blessing me with good things. I don’t have to wake to bombs bursting all around me. I don’t have to feel frightened of tanks and guns right outside my door. Our armed service men and women deserve the utmost respect from all of us. They keep us safe while we are sleeping.

Freedom to me is so much more. I never take it for granted. I am free to walk down my street. Free to eat what I want and go wherever I need to go. I don’t have to ask permission or get a special pass to travel around in my country. I am free to speak my mind and work at whatever job I feel like doing. All these choices are mine and I am not made to do anything that I don’t want to. While my government is not without its flaws…I am still free to be me.

All of these things came with a price paid by many who work to protect my country each day. These freedoms did not come easy. They were paid for by human lives that answered the call to protect all of us as Americans.

We should be grateful each and everyday of our lives. We are free to practice whatever religion we want. Never having to hide or be persecuted because of what we believe in. Others around the world are dying because they choose to believe in God. I have never known this world… because I was born in a free country. A country that I will forever love.
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Think about all the little things that you have in your life. Food, something that most take for granted. When you want something to eat…most of us have it in the fridge. Others have to go out and get it from a field or walk along ways to the open markets. A home…while others live in shacks or are homeless…we have some place for the most part to lay our heads each night. Do we really ever stop and think about all of these things? Freedom is so much more than a feeling. It exist because of all of those who answered a higher call and paid a price so that we could live in all this comfort.

While we groan and complain about the simplest of things which I am just as guilty of doing from time to time, we need to look at what we really have. We live in a country that is beautiful. We have the freedom to live how we want and do what we want. As a women…I am not told to be a certain way. I am free to have my own feelings and live life either married or single. There are many places in this world that women do not have any rights and are persecuted just for lifting their eyes etc.
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So, you see my friend…you have so much freedom in your life. Just to simply wake in the morning and be safe is one of the greatest freedoms that we all share in America.

I think it is time to love our country more. Yes, our government is not perfect, but there are a lot of things that could be worse. We need to be proud of our freedom and let others know that we have been blessed to be born free. Whether it is in this country or another…if you have freedom to pick and choose things in your life…then you are truly blessed and free…

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I am proud to be an American by Lee Greenwood


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Wordless Wednesday!!!
**My love flows from my eyes...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Money Tree
(A modern day fairy tale)

Once upon a time in the land of St. Augustine, there lived a family that had everything money could buy. They even had their own money tree.

The family was well known throughout the land for all of the wonderful things that they had. All the peasants wanted to be rich just like them. It truly was a great life to all on the outside.

Papa Perez and Momma Perez owned many businesses throughout St. Augustine.  They were your typical Spanish family and were well liked by all in their class. Susie and Sammie were their two daughters and never wanted for anything.

One day, while out shopping in the mall, the family was approached by a beggar on the street. Papa told the beggar to get away from his family. To go out and find a better way of life. The beggar told Papa that one day he would be sorry for his selfish ways. Because of all of his gluttony, that soon his wealth would be a thing of the past. Papa just laughed at him.

Time passed and the Perez’s fortune grew and grew. They had so much money that they didn’t appreciate the things they had. Susie and Sammy were always asking for more. The nice things they had didn’t mean anything to them. Every piece of clothing they owned was always thrown on the floor. The maids and butlers got to the point that they couldn’t keep up with all the mess.

Soon the family didn’t even bother to take care of what they had. If they couldn’t find something in the house…they just went out and bought another one. Only to throw the old one on the ground or in the garage to never more be seen. Their whole lifestyle was changing and they couldn’t even see it.

Months turned into years and the piles of discarded items and trash grew and grew. Always focusing on their own needs before the needs of others. Nothing was important to them anymore. Money was the focus of their everyday lives and the things they could buy to make them look good to the outside world.

Soon, no one bothered to come to their house anymore. The Perez family didn’t seem to notice the harsh conditions that they were living in. Their focus was only on what they could get at that moment. Never caring about what they had in front of them. Clothes and food started rotting and stinking. The maids and butlers got tired of picking up after them and finally quit. Within seven years, the house and family were bankrupt. No more look at me…I am the big somebody in town. Now, they just didn’t know what to do.

Once again while out shopping at a thrift store they came across the same beggar. The beggar ask them for a few coins so he could get something to eat. Papa Perez just looked at him and told him thanks for your good wishes. Now, my family is in shambles because of you. The beggar told Papa that it was his fault because he didn’t appreciate what he had. He gave ole Papa Perez an ear full that day.

Did Papa and Momma Perez ever learn anything from all their bad fortune? Well, yes and no. Yes, because they lost all that they had because of their selfish ways. No, because they just left all of their nice stuff behind instead of giving it away to someone less fortunate.

Now, the Perez family is living like everyone else in the land of St. Augustine. They are just a simple family, however, they complain all the time about what they had and lost. I guess they just don’t get it that money doesn’t really grow on trees and a fool and his money are soon parted. Maybe someday they will learn to cherish everything that they have in life. Every single item that they own, their family, good health, and love. For happiness can’t be bought…it is something that doesn’t grow on trees. It is something that comes from the heart. When you care and appreciate the things you have in life…you don’t need a money tree to make you happy. Your happy because you are loved and life is so much simpler.
~The End~