Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Please Daddy…Don’t Take My T-Bird Away

This is a fictional story.

I was born in 1934, in Flint, Michigan. Our city was known as the city that nurtured General Motors and the United Auto Workers   . Everywhere you looked everyone was driving a new car. It was a great place to grow up. I have fond memories of living in this wonderful city. Memories that still to this day, bring a smile to my face.
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My name is Barbie Dahl. Yep, you said it right. Why my parents decided to call me this, I will never know. I guess it sounded cute to them at that time. However, it was a name that came with a reputation. A reputation that I was determined to never live down.
Having parents that are wealthy does have its advantages. I was able to keep a good tan year round, have my hair always styled, and wear the best clothes money could buy.
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In the summer of 1950, I turned 16 years old. My parents always doled great gifts to me every year. This year was no exception. My parents planned a big birthday surprise and invited all of my friends over for a pool party. I wasn’t allowed to go snooping in hopes of finding my birthday present early. So, I waited for my big surprise.
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After my guest sang happy birthday to me, my Daddy handed me a set of car keys. He told me to go look in the driveway. Much to my surprise, there was a brand spanking new red convertible T-Bird sitting in the driveway. Little did he know at that moment that someday he might have to take my T-Bird away.
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Well, it didn’t take long for me to break that car in. Back in the 50’s it was very popular to hang out at the car hops. I was a lucky girl because there was a drive in just down the street from Beecher High School. It was called Walli’s and all the local cute guys hung out there.
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One day, I told my Dad that I was going to the library to get some books for school. Once I got in my little red T-Bird, somehow I forgot about the library and decided to cruise by Walli’s. I can remember having the top down and just cruising down Saginaw Street listening to some great 50’s music.
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At the drive in, I met up with all of my friends. Of course everyone loved my new car. I was a very popular girl, and with a name like Barbie Dahl, I didn’t have a problem keeping a boyfriend. After eating a Coney Island hotdog and sharing a milkshake with my new guy, I decided to cruise some more. I wanted to have some fun, fun, fun, until my Daddy took my T-Bird away.
That was the best summer of my life. I was young and carefree. With the top down, I drove my red T-Bird all over Flint. I was so proud of that car.
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Just to let you know…my Daddy never took it away. In fact, I still have my beauty today. Every once in awhile, when I am feeling a little bit lonely, I go out to the garage and pull my red T-Bird out into the sunshine. I let the top down and I turn up the music really loud. Of course my neighbors just look at me like I am crazy. Being 77 years old and still reminiscing about days gone by. Every once in awhile…if I am really lucky…The Beach Boys will sing their song Fun, Fun, Fun and instantly I am taken back to a time and place that was so much fun. Sweet memories that still make me smile.
Fun Fun Fun by The Beach Boys
the beach boys - fun, fun, fun

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