Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Combs Family

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Once upon a time in the land of Hairstyles there lived a merry family called The Combs. They loved what they did for a living. Combing the royals hair all day long.

Mr. and Mrs. Combs had a great sense of humor. They loved their daughter Kathy very much. They always took her every where they went. She was a beautiful little comb and all the royals loved her very much.

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Kathy Combs
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Pa Combs

As Kathy grew older the royals requested her skills more and more. She had a way about combing hair that no one else had. Her father said she was gifted and her mother said she got it from her side of the family. As for Kathy, she was just happy to be doing something that she loved.

Time passed and Kathy became the head comber in all the land. She could comb someone’s hair and it would look like silk when she was done. Kings and Queens began to seek her out wanting her to come to their land and be their hair comber. She was offered a palace of her own and lots of royal gifts to leave her family and friends behind.

The offer did sound great, but Kathy was a different breed of comb. She was loyal and faithful to all that she loved. Money did not phase her. She was not motivated by greed and fortune. The decision day finally came and Kathy was ready to give her answer.

All the royals from many lands came to the land of Hairstyles that day. They came in hopes that she would decide to come to their land to live. However, they were all in for a big surprise. As the trumpets sounded all throughout the land, Kathy made her decision. She spoke softly and from her heart. This is what she said, “ Even though the thought of being rich and famous sounds great. I love my life here with my family and I wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world. I am content and happy just the way I am. All of you need to find happiness in your life and be content with what you have.”

Well as you can imagine the Kings and Queens were not too happy with her decision. For as soon as she spoke and gave her decision, all of them got up and left to go back home. I guess if there is a lesson to be learned from Kathy Combs it is that more isn’t always better.

~The End~


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  1. Ha ha! What a cute story!! Kathy ought to be tickled pink! Cheers, Jenn