Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Turning Point



(A fictional story)

There comes a point and time in everyone’s life when they must find a turning point in their life. Susie Garner, had finally came to that point.

Growing up in poverty was not easy. Somehow she made it through those days and was now in her early twenties. One baby already and one on the way. She vowed to herself that she was not going to let her children grow up poor. If only she could find away. Away out of her circumstances.

I don’t know if you believe in angels, but I think God looked down upon Susie and sent one her way.

It was in the fall of 1982, that Susie’s angel was sent to her. Not in an angel form, but in the form of a new neighbor. A neighbor that would prove to be her lifesaver in a new direction.

Cynthia Adams loved children, but unfortunately could not have any of her own. She had a way with children that words could not describe. Often leaving little gifts on the doorsteps of those who were needy. Never identifying herself in any way, she was a hero in the eyes of a needy child.

Once she moved into her new apartment, Cynthia, embarked on a new adventure…to get to know her neighbors. Susie Garner, was no exception.

Many months passed and Susie and Cynthia became great friends. Cynthia became a mother figure for Susie. Something that she had never had in her life. With lots of positive vibes, Susie began to make crucial turning points in her life.

Susie, had never had any time to her self. Always a victim of the wrong man in her life, she had always lived a very rough life. This was finally beginning to change. Cynthia took her and got her a haircut, some makeup, and introduced her to the many resources available in their community.

After a year, Susie was enrolled in nightly college classes. Cynthia watched her babies so she could attend her college classes. Never asking for anything in return. Overtime and a lot of hard work, Susie’s turning point finally came. Seven years had passed and Susie was finally graduating from college as a lawyer. While she was in debt up to her ears, this was the breakthrough she needed to turn her life around. It amazed her that someone who once had been broken and poor could accomplish such a dream. There was only one person to thank for her accomplishments and that was her angel.

Susie, bought and paid for her own house with her first case. By this time her children were in school all day and did not need a babysitter. Cynthia joined her as her secretary in the practice that she owned. Working long hours and caring for her two children became her top priorities. Forever grateful for such a gift from God, Susie started her own non-profit organization to help women re-enter the working world. Offering free babysitting and resources to help these women regain a better lifestyle. She called her organization….TURNING POINT.

Cynthia and Susie should be an inspiration for us all. By reaching out and helping others in need…we become a better person. Helping someone in need is a turning point for all of us. We only have two choices to make. Help them out or ignore that they exist. By Cynthia giving of her time, she helped someone rise out of poverty. In return, Cynthia gained a good friend and a great job. Though we all know she didn’t do it for the money, she did it because of something deep inside that said this is your gift in life. Give it freely to others and you will be blessed beyond your imagination. I believe God sends these people just at the right times in our life…times when we all need a “Turning Point.” A change in a new direction. So, be careful how you talk to people because you may be attending an angel in disguise.


  1. This was excellent Mary!! I loved it. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I think you are right...we have to learn to give of ourselves to ever find true contentment in this life. CHEERS!! Jenn

  2. Thank you for the sweet comments. Wasn't real sure when I started this one, but as I got going it all seemed to come together. :)

  3. I do agree that angels show up throughout our lives. We often don't recognize them as angels, but they appear just when we need them the most.

  4. I believe I have both received and given angel blessings in my life. I hope I continue to do both. The turning point for many of us is when we are hopeless and angels are there, is we just accept them.
    Nice story and nice moral.

  5. Thanks everyone for the nice comments.