Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sweet Memories and Song Blog Hop
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Old Time Rock N' Roll

I have been very fortunate to grow up in a family based on so much love. As I ponder this weeks blog -sweet memories and songs, only one thing comes to mind... dancing with my Dad to Bob Segar's Old Time Rock N' Roll.

My father has always loved to dance. My mother and father use to go dancing a lot when I was a young girl. I have always thought that my father was a great dancer and on many occasions, I actually got to dance with him.

I always loved how my Dad scooted across the floor to this song. My Dad use to listen to Bob Segar when he first became popular in the night clubs in Detroit and Flint, Michigan. Everyone where I come from loves Segar. There is just something about this song that moves me. Sweet memories of a great time dancing with my Dad.

When Tom Cruise danced to this song, I can remember my Dad chuckling and commenting that no one could dance better then him to a Segar song. I believe to this day that he is so right. My Dad loves this song and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to dance along with him.

It is funny how music and memories go hand in hand, but they do. I will always smile everytime I hear this song. I will smile because I still have my Dad, he still loves to dance at 80 years old, and this is still our favorite song.

Bob Segar - Old Time Rock N' Roll
Bob Seger



  1. Great post Mary! How wonderful to have these memories with your Dad dancing to a great tune! Cheers!! Jenn.

  2. What a precious memory. Sounds like you had a great dad. He has good taste in music too.

  3. Great memories of your Dad. I love Bob Seger!

  4. Love the idea of you and your dad dancing across the decades to this tune. Lovely memory, and thanks for sharing :)

  5. Oh thank you so much for the sweet comments. I have been blessed to have such great parents. My Dad is my rock. We are very close and he loves great music. He just had a quad bypass and I am so thankful that he is doing wonderful. My whole family is going on a cruise in October. Shhh...while on the boat we are going to celebrate his 81st birthday and I am going to dance with him to this song. Sweet...and I can't wait.