Monday, July 11, 2011

The Black Raven

I live on Vilano Beach and have stood on the Francis and Mary Bridge as The Black Raven has passed underneath. This pirate boat is a legend where I live. Pirates have always been found in the oldest city…Saint Augustine.

The Pirate Ship Black Raven is a one-of-a-kind live pirate show full of music, thrills and pure entertainment! I can’t wait to participate in their adventure, sing along with their crew, and find my own inner pirate while I see the beautiful sights of the Matanzas River.

I plan on taking a trip soon on The Black Raven with my husband. My husband, shares the name of a notorious pirate Captain Kidd. All of his life, he has wanted to be a real pirate. I plan on making this dream come true and will be posting pictures in the near future of our night trip on this famous ship.

Captain William Kidd

Please watch the video below to get a better idea about The Black Raven.

Welcome to the pirate ship Black Raven in St:


  1. Wow! This is so cool! I hope you and your husband have a great time. What a way to have a pirate adventure.

  2. That sounds like fun! Maybe I can get my husband to go on a day trip... We don't live far from there.

  3. This sounds great. Almost like the pirate show they stage on the Baltic.