Friday, July 8, 2011

The Empty Chair

In a time long ago, in a land far away, there lived a King who was very lonely. He longed for someone to love him before he grew too old for a wife and family. Each day he would ride his horse into town in hopes of meeting someone new. Only to return to his castle without finding the love of his life.

All of the servants in the castle were very sad for King Kidd. Each of them tried to entertain him with their jokes and good deeds, but he really needed someone to love.

After years of trying to find the right person, King Kidd was ready to just give up. As he readied himself for bed, he noticed bright lights near the drawbridge of  his castle. So, he sent his guards to inquire about who his visitors might be.  To his surprise, a band of gypsies were traveling through the land and they wanted to entertain King Kidd for the evening. Of course, King Kidd accepted their request.

Dressed in only the best, King Kidd welcomed his new guest with a feast and music. His guest entertained him with amazing acts and strange dances. The next thing King Kidd knew, the sun was shining and his servants were inquiring what he would like for breakfast. “Boy, I had the strangest dream last night,"  said King Kidd. His servants did not say a word.

As the King was dressing, he stumbled and fell over a chair in the darkened room. “What is this chair doing here?” cried the King. To his surprise, there was a note posted to the old chair. As the King read the note, he was filled with hope. The note said, “Come one, come all, come and sit in the King’s Empty Chair if you dare. If you don’t disappear, then you will marry the King and live happily ever after.”

The King did not know what to think of the note. So, he beckoned all of his Knights to post this declaration throughout the land.

Many months passed and still no one came to sit in the Empty Chair. The King was getting impatient and tried to have his servants sit in the chair. Nothing happened to them each time they tried to sit in the chair. Some even disappeared never more to be seen.

One day, to the King’s surprise, a beautiful women came to the castle gate. The King looked upon her and love overcame him instantly. “Oh, please come in and have lunch with me.” said the King.  So, the beautiful woman had lunch with the King. She was stunning to look upon and soon the two of them found that they had much in common.

Finally, after numerous hours of eating and talking, the King led the beautiful women to the magical empty chair. He was scared to have her sit in the chair because he didn’t want her to disappear. Breathing deeply, the King gestured for her to sit in the chair. The beautiful woman sat down and nothing happened. She didn’t disappear and she didn’t turn into anything strange. The King whispered out loud,  “Oh, please, oh please, let her fall in love with me.” To his surprise….POOF, the chair started shaking and dancing around the room. A beautiful crown appeared on the woman’s head and the most beautiful music filled the room. Stepping back a bit, the King did not know what to think. Finally, the beautiful woman spoke. Her voice quivered and this is what she said, “ I am Queen Mary and I have been under a witches spell for most of my life. I have seen you in my dreams and loved you from afar.” The King was overwhelmed with joy. To make a long story short…they got married and had many children.

So, if you ever come across an empty chair that you can’t fill, make sure you whisper something sweet. You never know… just might find the love of your life.


  1. What a great story to go with The Empty Chair. I loved it. Fairytales are really the best!! Cheers, Jenn

  2. This makes me want to sing that "I know you, I danced with you, one upon a dream..." song. :O)

  3. LOL...well thank you both so much. It just came to me out of no where.

  4. Great fairytale!!


  5. I love this story! I can't stop smiling...

  6. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments.