Friday, July 22, 2011


(Fictional Story)

In a time long ago, in a land far away, a child was born in the Village of Buganda. The village people had lost all hope because the wicked winter Queen Isabelle had cast  a spell on their village. Every child born to the villagers would have a heart as cold as ice and there would only be one season…winter.

Frost, as everyone called her, was born in December. She was welcomed as all the other newborns, but soon the villagers noticed that she seemed to have an enchanted way about her. Ice blue eyes and long blonde hair adorned her perfect complexion. She was very beautiful and soon grew to be a mystical young lady.

You see Frost was different. She didn’t play like the other children did. Everything she touched warmed around her and unthawed. Could this child be the enchantment needed to undo the wicked queen’s spell? Only time could tell.

Months passed and everyone kept their eyes on Frost. She was hidden most of the time from any outsiders. The villagers did not want to take a chance that Queen Isabelle might hear about her existence and cast another spell. They also did not want to find her missing in the middle of the night. The Queen was known for taking children and making them into her personal slaves. This was something the villagers could not risk. So, Frost was only allowed to go out at night time and always had to wear a white robe to help her blend in with the snow.

One night, in January, the stars began to fall from the sky. Frost was sitting quietly along the waters edge as the villagers looked with amazement. To everyone’s surprise, she had her finger to her lips. Immediately the villagers became silent. All eyes were on Frost as she lifted her arms to the sky. Her finger worked magic as she gathered up each star in her hands.  Holding each one delicately like a flower petal, she placed them in the form of a big heart in the sky. Speaking in an ancient Buganda voice she said, “Ne num enome.” All the villagers looked to the heavens, but could only see the heart shining brightly in the winter sky. Frost, stood and went back to the village not saying anything to anyone. All the villagers followed her as she made her way to her tent to sleep for the night.

That night everyone slept deeply. Not a single sound could be heard throughout the entire village. Frost dreamed all night long. In her dreams she fought with Queen Isabelle and lifted the curse on her village. She brought love and warmth back into the hearts of every child born in the village. Dream after dream, she lifted the curses of her village. As she did, she became more enchanted in her powers. Seeing things in her dream state that she never knew existed.

When morning finally came, the whole entire village was shocked by what had happened. There was no more winter. Birds were singing in the trees and flowers were blooming everywhere. Something mystical had happened overnight. Something they could not describe.

Looking around the village it was like a whole new place. Something enchanted had touched each and every tent in the village. Each tent had been replaced with a beautiful hut to live in. There was a water fountain that flowed with the bluest water their eyes had ever seen. Beauty abounded everywhere they looked. This child had lifted the curse. Frost had saved their village.

Everyone questioned what had happened overnight. Frost, finally spoke, “Ne num enome.” “What does this mean child?” asked an elder. Frost replied, “Love never fails.” All of the villagers were astonished by these words. They didn’t know what to think. Frost spoke softly to each and everyone of them. “You lost hope and love and let the Queen harden your hearts. When I was still in the womb, my Mother said an ancient prayer that I would always feel loved. I have felt your love each and everyday of my life. Even though you have never told me you loved me. I know that I am loved.” The villagers were all quiet. They were happy that this small child could find away to bring love back to their village. As for the Queen, she was cast into a star far, far, away, never more to be seen.

Where hope lives, love grows. Frost proved that when you are born out of love, all things are possible.

~The End~

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