Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fire and Ice



(a fictional story)

Melina Kostas had just arrived in New York City. She had been sent there in hopes of attaining a modeling job at one of the top modeling agencies. Never one to venture to far from home, Melina was a bit skeptical as to what might be in store for her. Standing 6 foot 2 inches in her stocking feet, flaming red hair, and eyes so dark they looked like fire, she had a look that none other had.

New York City, was a new adventure for her. All of her life she had dreamt of becoming a famous model and making her debut on the runway. Hoping to get lucky and make a lot of money, she settled for a meager motel within her budget. Settling into her new life would be hard. She was so far from home and all alone. Play it smart and be safe, kept running through her mind. It was the last words her parents had said to her as she boarded the train heading east. Now, all alone in a big city was something that she would just have to take a day at a time. Sleep is what she really needed right now. Bolting the door and latch, she decided to take a hot shower and get into bed early. Tomorrow, would be her first big day trying to make a living as an aspiring model. Luck, is what she was wishing for as she finally closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Morning hit early, and soon Melina realized that there was no one there to wake up too. No family, no friends, and no coffee to keep her company each and everyday. She would just have to grab something along the way. She planned on going to the new modeling agency down the street. With hopes high, she dressed in a mini skirt, cashmere sweater, and Liz Claiborne twill jacket. Hair up and fresh makeup and she was out the door.

Walking down the street early in the morning was a bit scary. Everywhere she looked there was some kind of sound. Back home was quiet and peaceful. Life was definitely going to be different in the city. Everything seemed to be moving so fast. Guess in time she would just have to get use to it.

Upon arriving at the agency, Melina was greeted by a receptionist and asked to be seated. Hours passed and she was growing a bit impatient. Finally, a tall dark haired man approached her. He introduced himself as Salient Salvatore. Melina was mesmerized by his good looks and knew she would have to charm him with her smile. He asked her to call him, Ice. Smirking a bit because her nickname was Fire, she couldn’t help but chuckle under her breath at the thought of ‘Fire and Ice’ working together on a shoot. Time would only tell what was in store for her next.

Salient, seemed to be somewhat reserved. He was all business and immediately asked to see her portfolio with her pictures. As he turned the pages, Melina was silent. She wasn’t sure of his reaction because his face was as cold as ice. Her bubbly personality had not came forth. This had never happened to her before. She was always so vocal and was besides herself with the way she was acting. Could she even get to know this man? She wasn’t sure at the moment that he would even give her a chance on the big runway.

Finally, Salient tossed her portfolio into her lap and told her to come back in the morning at 8 a.m. sharp. He stood up and briskly walked out of the room. Melina had never encountered such an arrogant man such as him before. She wasn’t sure what to make of him and she wasn’t sure she would even want to work for someone so stuck on himself. Tomorrow would hold the key as to whether she liked him or not.

As the day progressed into the night, Melina could not get him out of her mind. What was it about him that drove her crazy? He was very well dressed, carried himself well, and spoke perfect English, yet something was different about him. She couldn’t quite put her finger on why she was intrigued by his demeanor. Hoping to get a chance to get to know him she fell asleep with thoughts of him running through her mind.

Once again, she spent the morning alone. This time she decided to make some coffee before leaving for the first day at the agency. As she put her makeup on and did her hair in a French twist, she couldn’t help but wonder what he thought about her. She knew that it would be only a mater of time before he showed his true colors and became as cold as ice. Somehow, something inside her longed that he would be different…warmer and maybe even someone she could love.

Shoots seem to take forever. Someone is always messing with your hair, makeup, and clothing. Nothing ever seems to be good enough. As for Ice, he was exactly like ice. He showed very little emotions as the photographers shot one photo after another. Shaking his head this way and mouthing the words…NO, NO, and another NO. Melina was getting annoyed and her fire red temperament was coming out. After about 3 hours of shooting, she couldn’t take anymore. She stood up and politely walked off of the set. All eyes were on her as she dressed and left the building.

“What is with this woman? I have never had someone do this to me before. Who does she think she is? Nobody walks out on me and gets away with it.” said Salient. Everyone was quiet on the set. All of them had never seen anyone do this to him before. No one knew what the outcome would be, but they all knew that Melina was a natural and a money maker.

That night Salient could not get Melina out of his mind. There was something about her that he really wanted to get to know. She was beautiful, slender, sleek, and her eyes had a fire that he had never seen in a woman before. He wasn’t sure how to approach her, but he knew he had to find away to win her over. Away to cool that fire inside of her with a little ice. How he did not know, because he hadn’t dated a woman in many years. He knew he would just have to be straight up with her and that was something he rarely ever did.

The next morning Melina awakened to the sound of someone pounding on her door. To her surprise, there were dozens upon dozens of roses at her doorstep. There was also a note from Salient. The note caught Melina by surprise. She had no intentions of going back to the agency. As she read the note, she began to smile. She hadn’t smiled in a long time, but the note was kind of funny.

Dear Melina,

I am sorry for whatever I did wrong to you yesterday. I promise if you come back to my agency that you will become a big modeling star. You are so beautiful and graceful. Please forgive me and don’t let this opportunity pass you by. I would be honored if you would dine with me tonight at 8 p.m. at the Casa Monica. I will send a limo to your motel at 7:30 p.m. to pick you up.



What the heck? Melina did not know what to think about the note. Kisses, who the heck signs a note with the words, kisses? At the moment she was as mad as she had ever been. The audacity of Salient was just too much for her to take in at the moment. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she didn’t know what to do with him. Should she let her guard down and forgive him? He really hadn’t done anything to her personally. Or, should she remain strong with a burning fire? She wasn’t sure, but she knew she had to find something new to wear to dinner and she had to find it soon. She found it hard to think how fire and ice could actually turn into something good.

Pat Benatar - Fire and Ice with Lyrics

When the limo driver opened the door in front of the Casa Monica, Melina’s heart skipped a beat. She didn’t come to New York City to fall in love. She came to the big city to become a famous model. Straightening her dress she decided to be like fire toward him to see what would happen.

Salient greeted her with a firm handshake and helped her with her seat. He looked different tonight. His face was smoothly shaven and his cologne smelled so good. He looked softer and more at ease. He ordered a big bottle of Champaign and the two of them made a toast to a new start. He explained to her his plans to make her a famous model. Somehow over the course of the dinner, he was falling in love with her. The way she moved did something to him. She was graceful and knew exactly what to say to him to heat up the ice inside of him. He found himself laughing at her jokes. Never before in his life had he met someone that made him feel this way.

As the hours passed, Melina found herself very interested in Salient. He had a charm about him that he didn’t have the day before. She found herself more calmer and the fire red inside her began to slowly let its guard down. Laughing into the night, sharing about their families, and plans for the future, it was evident that they actually liked one another.

Salient was true to his word. Melina became a famous model on the runway. Her pictures adorned every cover of the most popular fashion magazines. Somehow along the way the two of them found each other. While they knew they had two totally different personalities…somehow her fire put out his ice and vice versa. She was exactly what he needed and together the two of them became husband and wife.

Sometimes we all need a little fire in our life. Fire gives us the spice we need to get things going again. On the other hand, sometimes we need a little ice in our lives to calm us down and make us see what is right in front of us. As for Melina and Salient, it was just the right combination to a life filled with happiness.



  1. Awesome write Mary... I really loved this. You are quite talented--and you used the concepts so well!!

    Thanks for sharing this!! Cheers, Jenn.

  2. Thank you Jenn...this one took a lot of thinking. It was a tough one, but I tried to approach it from a different angle this time. :)