Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vacation-Blog Hop #22
for the Writers Post
Mahogay Bay, Roatan
(A dream vacation only comes once in a lifetime...if it ever comes at all. I have been so blessed to have the privilege to go on such a vacation with my family. My parents are getting older each and everyday. My Dad, turned 81 this year right after we got home from this vacation. As you can see by the pictures below, I will always cherish this trip. I have been a lucky girl to have my parents for such a long time in my life. A vacation has a way of bringing everyone closer together. This vacation was truly one that I will cherish for a lifetime.)

There is just something about going on a cruise that says fun and relaxation awaits you. It is an atmosphere that can only be felt through experiencing the moment. As I boarded The Legend bound for an experience of a lifetime, little did I know that I would find a place of paradise in Mahogany Bay, Roatan.

Mahogany Bay is a man made island owned and operated by the Carnival Cruise Lines. It is situated in between the Coxan Hola and the French Harbor on Roatan Island, Honduras.

In the early morning hour, I stood aboard the top deck of The Legend. My eyes could  not believe what I was seeing. I guess someone knew I was coming to find my little piece of paradise. Before me was the most beautiful rainbow, thus setting an atmosphere that welcomed me instantly.
With much anticipation of exploring this beautiful place, I set out to take some more pictures before our ship finally docked. As you can see below, the atmosphere was pure heaven and I was eager to start exploring.
The View from The Legend

Once our ship docked, I waited my turn and finally was able to exit the ship. With my camera in hand, I began a journey I will never forget. Mahogany Bay is definitely an atmosphere of pure relaxation and beauty. As I walked amongst the numerous shops, I felt at peace within myself. There was beauty every where I looked. Fountains and flowers adorned my every glance. Clicking away with my camera, I wanted to make sure I captured every single moment. Please see the photos below...

If this wasn't enough to get me going, then my next adventure was sure to be an atmosphere of pure delight. While walking along this beautiful island, I found a Nature Trail that was truly amazing. I shot these beautiful pictures along the way.

When I finally got to the bottom of the Nature Trail and started walking up toward the beach, I noticed a beautiful reflection on the water and had to stop to take this picture. I am really happy on how it turned out because reflection pictures are had to take.

 Next, I walked up the sidewalk to go to the famous Mahogany Beach area. 
 Little did I know that what I would find would be heaven on earth. I have traveled a lot and been to a lot of beaches, but this one by far is my favorite.
Who could resist a place like this? The atmosphere was pure pampering, beautiful beach area, crystal clear water, and lots of sunshine. I just had to take some more pictures to let you all feel the wonderful atmosphere I was experiencing. These pictures are of the beach area, my sister Cindy Gosselin Campbell and my Dad, and my Mom, Dad, and sister Cindy. This truly is an amazing place to visit.

This vacation is one that I will never forget. I was able to spend time with my parents, sister, and most of my Gosselin family. There is something about the atmosphere of a family, so much love abounds that you simply can't help but smile and feel so blessed to apart of something so wonderful.
My wonderful family and friends...
Mark and Donna Gosselin Huffman
Helen Gosselin Clawson and Maynard Clawson
Brent Gosselin
Eddie Gosselin
Tony Martin
Billie Ann Metcalf
Cindy Gosselin Campbell
Mary Gosselin-Kidd
Ned and Martha Gosselin


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  3. Thanks Jenn. Someday we should all go on a Bloggers Cruise. Wouldn't it be fun to meet all the people we blog with everyday? Thanks for the wonderful award. You made my day!!!!

  4. Oh, I want to go. Great job communicating an atmosphere through words and pictures.

  5. Thanks Langley. I am glad you enjoyed it. :)

  6. That looks like it was wonderful all the way around! I'm certain you have memories to treasure from your trip.